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    Before the throne of God above - Chris Lawton at St George's Church, Coundon, Coventry

    Christopher Lawton

    by Christopher Lawton

    Me playing the organ at St George's Church in Coundon, Coventry.

    During the post war years up until the early 1960s when the electronic side took over, the famous John Compton Organ Company Ltd built many small extension instruments for small suburban churches and this organ here in Coventry is a brilliant unspoilt example. It was built in 1957 for the present church and has all the typical features found in Compton organs - fully enclosed pipework, detached stopkey console, double touch stop cancelling etc. Four ranks of pipes are employed - Open Diapason, Harmonic Flute, Salicional and Trumpet to give the following specification:

    Sub Bass 16'
    Flute 8'
    Trombone 16'
    Trumpet 8'
    Great to Pedal
    Swell to Pedal

    Bourdon 16'
    Open Diapason 8'
    Harmonic Flute 8'
    Salicional 8'
    Octave 4'
    Harmonic Flute 4'
    Salicet 4'
    Twelfth 2.2/3'
    Fifteenth 2'
    Swell to Great

    Contra Salicional 16'
    Harmonic Flute 8'
    Salicional 8'
    Harmonic Flute 4'
    Salicet 4'
    Piccolo 2'
    Cymbale III
    Trombone 16'
    Trumpet 8'
    Clarion 4'
    Tremulant (affects whole organ)

    4 double touch thumb pistons to Great and Pedal
    4 double touch thumb pistons to Swell and Pedal
    4 toe pistons to Pedal
    1 canceller thumb piston - Great to Pedal
    1 canceller thumb piston - Swell to Pedal
    1 balanced expression pedal - organ
    1 balanced expression pedal - crescendo
    2 ventil switches
    Double touch canceller to each department

    For this first video im playing the worship song 'Before the throne of God above' from the new Methodist hymn book 'Singing the Faith'.

    Many thanks to Reverend Alison Evans and Ann Weitzel for allowing me access to this wonderful Compton organ.