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    Iran launches second monkey into space


    by PressTV

    On 14 December 2013, Iran sent a live monkey into space and returned it to earth safely aboard an indigenous bio-capsule. The primate, named Fargam, was the second monkey to be launched into outer space by Iran within a year.

    In a message, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani congratulated the Iranian scientists on their latest achievement.

    A carrier with the second simian traveler on board was successfully sent into space and back on earth, using liquid fuel for the first time, read the president’s message.

    On January 28 2013, Iran sent the first monkey, named Pishgam (Pioneer), into space aboard a home-made bio-capsule as a first step toward sending humans into space.

    Experts at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have confirmed Iran’s success in sending a locally-built bio-capsule with a live monkey on board into space, Head of Iran’s Space Agency (ISA) Hamid Fazeli said. Iran plans to send other species into space during the next stages of the project.

    In this edition of the show we look at Iran’s space explorations, and the country’s scientific successes in the field.