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    sarah hayes


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    Brian Akers
    Perfection. She should have won Ms Olympia if Iris could have only won once. No matter how hard you work you'll never look like that. That's what makes her sexy.
    Par Brian AkersEn mars
    Absolut heiß!!
    Par wolle63L'année dernière
    fem muscle lovaaaa
    @trishfan I couldn't agree more! I am baffled by guys WHO DONT LIKE female muscle. how the fuck can you find a smooth muscular curvy ass flexing on your cock not insanely hot? its mesmerizing, I damn near cream my pants when i find women with smooth muscle. its hard to find!
    Par fem muscle lovaaaaL'année dernière
    This is so hot. If you are a guy and you don't find this hot, you are gay.
    Par trishfan11Il y a 2 ans
    Bon sang, ce qu'elle est sexy...
    Par ozzyfmIl y a 2 ans