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    HOW Wallet by Harry Robson - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

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    This is the brand new Wallet from Harry Robson. A completely new handling of the Card to Envelope inside a wallet. For the first time the spectator holds the secret in their hands! The spectator holds the wallet, the spectator opens the wallet, they remove the envelope and they remove the card. The magician remains completely Hands Off! This is the first time a card to envelope has been done in a hip wallet, and it's design even allows for a borrowed ring to end inside the envelope, with no problems. This is the result of years of research and testing. It also features Harry's Instant Reset concept, which means it's perfect for real world workers. This is the Hands Off Wallet!
    100% Leather
    Everyday wallet with space for notes/bills and credit cards.
    You can perform Ring to Envelope, Coin to Envelope, Signed Card to Wallet, Signed Card to Envelope, Business Card to Wallet.
    Can be used from Trouser Pocket, Breast Pocket and Back Pocket.
    Includes Full instructional multi camera DVD
    Also comes with 10 Envelopes and 10 Special Loading Gimmicks
    "This is the best wallet I have ever seen" - Iain Moran