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    Lantana - 4


    par apple4b

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    AAAAWWWWWW ! He's such a sweet heart in this film !!!!
    Even if he's really cold and enigmatic, he's just a man who try to hide his brief !!!
    How awful is his story !!! He lost his daughter in an absolute horrible way... and he just lost his wife by his fault !!! How can he still live with that culpability ?!?! (If ever he wants some arms to cheer him up, I'm HERE !!!)
    Par apple4bIl y a 9 ans
    The Marquis' Mistress
    I watched Lantana AGAIN last night! I love this film...and even Geoffrey's cold character. Even in such a role, he is still irresistable!
    Par The Marquis' MistressIl y a 9 ans