Toyota Unveils The FT1 Concept: What It Means For The Company's Image

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Toyota unveiled the FT1 concept at 2014 Detroit Auto Show on Tuesday. Did Toyota achieve their goal and create the ultimate sports car of the future?

The room buzzed that their new futuristic sports car shared the essence of the legendary Supra; it boasted all the proportions of a sports car, with a front engine, rear wheel drive, and a classic long hood.

This sports car seems destined to hit the roads in the future and if it does it could radically shift Toyota’s image.

IBTimesTV spoke to Toyota Product Communications Specialist Maurice Durand who said going into production was a ways off, but this was a taste of what their sports car could look like in the future. For enthusiasts of Toyota’s Supra, we hope this car hits the roads sooner rather than later.