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    Naughty - Everythin gonna be alright


    by jekyllah

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    Smooth it out
    This is a story about the drifter
    Who waited through the worst for the best in crosstown
    Who never planned on havin' so dick
    Why me, huh?

    [Verse 1]
    Some get a little and some get none
    Some catch a bad one and some leave the job half done
    I was one who never had and always mad
    Never knew my dad, mother fuck the fag
    Where anywhere I did pick up, flipped the clip up
    Too many stick-ups, cause niggas had the trigger hic-ups
    I couldn't get a job, nappy hair was not allowed
    My mother couldn't afford us all, she had to throw me out
    I walked the strip, which is a clip, who wanna hit?
    They got em quick, I had to eat, this money's good as spent
    I threw in graves, I wasn't paid enough
    I kept em long cause I couldn't afford a haircut
    I got laughed at, I got chumped, I got dissed
    I got upset, I got a Tec and a banana clip
    Was down to throw the led to any tellin' crackhead
    I'm still livin broke, so a lot of good it would've did
    Or done, if not for bad luck, I would have none
    Why did I have to live a life of such a bad one
    Why when I was a kid and played out was a sad one
    And always wanted to live like just a fat one


    [Verse 2]
    A ghetto bastard, born next to the projects
    Livin in the slums with bums, I sit and watch them
    Why do I have to be like this? momma said I'm priceless
    So I am all worthless, starved, and it's just for being a nice kid
    Sometimes I wish I could afford a pistol then, though
    Last stop to hell, I would've ended things a while ago
    I ain't have jack but a black hat and napsack
    Four squad stolen in cars in a blackjack
    Drop that, and now u want me to rap and give?
    Say somethin positive? Well positive ain't where I lived
    I lived right around a corner from west hell
    Two blocks from south shit, it was in a jail cell

    If u ain't ever been to the ghetto
    Don't ever come to the ghetto
    'Cause u ain't understand the ghetto
    And stay the fuck out of the ghetto
    Why me?