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Anthony Joseph - Hustle To Live (lyrics in description)

il y a 4 ans235 views



Anthony Joseph - Hustle To Live
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From upcoming album "Time" / Out February 3rd of 2014

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In the south side of the city, he's on the grind again
working from 9 till 9
making prints in the picture shop.
He tells me how his father died
the week before,
a few miles north of Lagos,
how his father was the Oye, and he's the eldest son
so one day
he's gonna go back and claim his rightful crown.

But in the mean time.
We hustle to live
You hustle to live
I hustle to live...

this is for the man in the long white robe with the holy koran
all day in his little box between the barber and chicken shop
he sells watch bands and batteries, phone cards and accessories
i pass and see him praying on his hands and knees
he says all he wants is to make some, not a lot, just enough,
so he can go back home, build a big house, like like a king

this is for my sister working in the nursery, working her body to the bone
but then she has to suffer the love, when she gets home
she's saving her money, she's working on a dream
she has her heart in the islands, she can already feel the breeze
one day she's gonna go back, build a house by the sea
grow old in the sunshine, grow old like the trees

But in the mean time.
We hustle to live
You hustle to live
I hustle to live...