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    9- Islamic Question & Answer (Q&A) Session with Maulana Mufti Ishaq


    by Immaculate-Islam

    In his video, Maulana Mufti Ishaq r.a is addressing to the audience of Agricultural University Faisalabad, Pakistan and giving answers to their questions.

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    The introduction of Molana Mufti Ishaq (r.a) needs time and it is difficult to cover his all efforts which he did to provide authentic teaching of Islam and specially to unite different Muslims groups. But here little bit information is written down for his brief introduction.

    The great Islamic casuist Maulana Mufti Ishaq (rahimullah) was an expert in all jurisprudence of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat and had thorough understanding of Fiqa Jafria as well. He was an active and honest propagator of WAHDAT-E-UMMAT (Unity of Muslim Ummah) and for this cause he struggled in his life till the end. It is his one of the another contribution that he always preached the true essence of Islam, free from any type of negative constraints or influence E.g. schism, exhibition of knowledge, pride or for worldly gain etc. His knowledge was so vast and his memory was remarkable that he used to appreciate the contribution of Ulama (scholars) without any discrimination whether they are Brailvi, Deobandi or Ahle Hadees or whoever else. Maulana Ishaq is equally popular among the youth and the old ones.

    Maulana Mufti Ishaq rahmatullah ailah never associated him to any group (Maslak) instead he always called himself a Muslim and his all lectures are purely related to the original primitive teaching of Islam. In the field of Fiqah, he did not bind himself to only one fiqh but on the contrary he always solved the issues of the people with the best answer closely related to Quran and Sunnah and by understanding the nature of the problem in current state.

    His efforts are appreciable and unforgettable. May Allah bless him with Jannat ul firdous . Ameen

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    Question & Answer with Maulana Mufti Ishaq r.a: Venue Agricultural University - Must