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    UFO's and E.T.'s: UFO. Remotely Controlled Craft. ref., entppv-13/1/2014


    by googoliers

    Too elaborate, too stable and the way it zooms out of the frame at the end of the clip has persuaded me this is not earthly technology.
    If you believe it is earthly... tell me where it can be bought. The children will love Daddy forever if this is in their Christmas stocking in December.
    Perhaps it's the latest bit of technology that the corporate's have decided not to sell. Yeah right, like corporations are going to pass on the chance of making a few billion bucks.
    Perhaps it's the latest bit of military hardware which is being tested over a populated area to see if people think it's a U.F.O. which can then be debunked at a later date.
    Perhaps it's a lone operator who put it together in the garage.
    Perhaps everyone who sees it is delusional.
    Perhaps we only think we exist...