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    Dr DRE & Ice Cube - Hello


    by jekyllah

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    Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes x2
    I started this gangsta shit
    And this the motherfuckin thanks I get? {Hello..}

    [Ice Cube]
    The motherfuckin world is a ghetto
    Full of magazines, full clips, and heavy metal
    When the smoke settle
    Im just lookin for a big yellow
    in six inch stilletos
    Dr. Dre {Hello..} perculatin keep em waitin
    While u sittin here hatin, yo bitch is hyperventilatin
    Hopin that we penetratin, u gets natin
    cause I never been to Satan, for hardcore administratin
    Gangbang affiliatin; MC Renll have u
    wildin off a zone and a whole half a gallon
    {Get to dialin} 911 emergency
    {And u can tell em..} Its my son hes hurtin me
    {And hes a felon..} On parole for robbery
    Aint no coppin a plea, aint no stoppin a G
    Im in the 6 u got to hop in the 3, company monopoly
    u handle shit sloppily I drop a ki properly
    They call me the Don Dada
    Pop a collar, drop a dollar if u hear me u can holla
    Even rottweilers, follow, the Impala
    Wanna talk about this concrete? Nigga Im a scholar
    The incredible, hetero-sexual, credible
    Beg a hoe, let it go, dick aint edible
    Nigga aint federal, I plan shit
    while u hand picked motherfuckers givin up transcripts
    [Dr. Dre]
    Did I fall off? Got u in ur room
    rippin every "Chronic" poster on ur wall off
    Just cause I put away the sawed off
    Now I got u sittin back with a smirk
    listenin with ur arms crossed
    Questionin Dres credibility {What?}
    Wondering if its still in me to produce hits
    Yall be killin me
    As if I need to make mo - I got a mansion
    and six cars that are paid fo - suck my dick {Hello..}
    We came a long way from not givin a fuck
    Sellin tapes out of a trunk to movin this far up
    Now we got the whole world starstruck
    Made a million plus and still dont give a motherfuck
    Motherfucker Im Dre - I dont need ur respect
    I dont need to make another album bitch I dont gotta do shit
    I do it because I want to not to stay in the game
    Fuck the fame, Im still stayin the same, lil bitch {Hello..}