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    Truck Driver's Amazing Rescue After Being Pinned for 8 Hours

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    A Florida man, who is employed as a truck driver got a very tough break after braving extreme frigid temperatures, all to find himself pinned and stuck under his truck. The driver, Tim Rutledge had been on a route to Indiana for a delivery.

    A Florida man, who is employed as a truck driver found himself pinned under his truck on a recent frigid day.

    The unfortunate driver, Tim Rutledge, had been en route to Indiana with a delivery, when a snowstorm in the area froze the brakes on his truck.

    The temperature at the time was about 42 degrees below zero with a severe wind chill. Rutledge pulled into a truck stop and parked.

    He then got out and climbed underneath the truck in an effort to fix the brakes. Horribly, it somehow shifted and pinned Rutledge to the frozen ground.

    Unable to move at all, he yelled, but nobody was close enough to hear or help him. Rutledge’s wife, however, was very concerned.

    After not hearing from him for 8 hours, the time which he was trapped under the truck, she repeatedly called his cellphone. Little did she know, the ringing vibration was wriggling it free from Rutledge’s pocket.

    After the phone miraculously fell in front of him he was able to use voice command and dialed his boss. Emergency crews were then contacted who freed him. Rutledge was hospitalized but is expected to be fine.