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    No Gun Ban In MN Capitol Security Report Frustrates Lawmaker

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    More security guards but no gun ban- that's the recommendation of a panel in charge of improving security in Minnesota's Capitol complex.

    The panel did recommend that gun permit holders include their name, birthday and contact information when they provide notification that they’ll carry a gun into the Capitol. They only have to do that once every five years.

    Minnesota's legislature ultimately will need to vote on any changes to security.

    During the meeting, Paymar expressed his continued frustration with failed efforts to ban guns in the complex.
    “I am concerned we did not address firearms. We tinkered around permit holders coming into the Capitol building, but quite frankly, and I have said before, I think we should be banning firearms from this building,” he said, adding that metal detectors should be installed. “People say nothing has happened yet and that’s the component that disturbs me.”

    "“We’re not listening to, as far as I’m concerned, the experts.” Distributed by