Joey Le Soldat - D.M.D

billy Hill
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Full HD - Sous-Titres Français / Subtitles English
Joey Le Soldat - D.M.D - Produced by Dj Form
Clip : Réalisation; Vivien Floris - Make 2 Work -
Album "Burkin Bâ" (Février 2014)
(Akwaaba Music - Tentacule Records)
Joey le Soldat, the other half of Burkinabé hip hop powerhouse Waga 3000, unleashes the first burst from his sophomore album due out next month. D.M.D. is the voice of Ouagadougou's kids, speaking up against injustice in their land of upright men. After the success of Art Melody's Wogdog Blues, this is another exciting collaboration with France-based Tentacule Records.

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