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    Pappayude Swantham Appoos 1992: Full Length Malayalam Movie

    Biscoot Malayalam

    by Biscoot Malayalam

    Balachandran (Mammootty) had resorted to his work after he is unable to cope up with the death of his wife, Bhama (Shobhana). During the process, he neglects his only son, Appu (Badusha). When Appu returns home for his school vacation, Balachandran promises to take him on a lot of trips, but is unable to do any as he is caught up with work. Meanwhile, Appu befriends Meenakshi (Seena Dadi), much to the annoyance of Balachandran.

    Meenakshi's brother, after realizing that his sister stays with Balachandran (who fired him due to his murder of a colleague), forcefully takes her home. This leads to a heated argument between Balachandran and Appu, which culminates in Balachandran hitting him. Later, he realizes that Bhama's death was tough on Appu too, and he apologizes and promises to bring back Meenakshi.

    At Meenakshi's house, her brother objects to Balachandran's request of taking her back, leading to a fight between them where Appu gets injured. They retreat to their summer house and decide to let go of Meenakshi. But, Balachandran notices that Appu's nose is bleeding and takes him to his friend, Dr. Gopan (Suresh Gopi). Gopan informs him that Appu is suffering from a terminal disease, but as a last resort, suggests an operation to be performed by a well-known neurosurgeon.

    But, Balachandran refuses and takes the tired and weak Appu for the trips he had promised earlier. He even prays hoping that God would have pity upon him. They go to Meenakshi's house and takes her with them for one final trip where Appu hallucinates Bhama approaching him to take him to the other side. However, when she notices Balachandran and Meenakshi, she realizes that it is their chance to start a new family and walks away.