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    Police Seek Man Who Inappropriately Touched Girl at Space Center

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    Houston Police are searching for the man they believe inappropriately touch a small girl at the city’s Space Center on NASA Parkway in November.

    The Houston Police Department is searching for a man they believe inappropriately touched a small girl at the city’s Space Center on NASA Parkway in November 2013.

    The six-year-old was reportedly in the Angry Birds play area when the man knelt beside and fondled her.

    Upon hearing the victim’s report, authorities said they were alarmed by perpetrator’s boldness in committing this act in a crowded public space.

    Apprehending him quickly is considered of high importance as not only is he likely to do the same thing to another child, he’s probably done it in the past.

    Police said the suspect is white, has sandy blonde hair, and was seen with male toddler and have released a sketch.

    They also revealed that the man has no known prior connection to the girl and is considered to be a stranger.

    Since the news of the incident was made public, Space Center Houston announced that they have increased security.

    Many parents attending the popular attraction have expressed their shock and concern.

    Said one mother, “You never know who’s safe and who’s not safe.”