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    10 Useless Body Parts


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    by Geo Beats

    Check out which of your 10 body ports are virtually useless.

    Our bodies are intricate in nature. Every single part is supposed to have its own function, however that’s not entirely true. Here are 10 useless human body parts.

    Number 10 – Following childbirth, nipples on women are very useful, but on men…. well there’s no purpose whatsoever.

    Number 9 – Ahh yes, the ever attractive body hair. Fear and other emotions can cause hair to stand up, which for animals gives them a threatening appearance to fend off predators, but the reason why people grow furry masses of fluff remains unknown.

    Number 8 – The pinky toe, while some render it as cute, serves no critical purpose, although it does help with balance. Apes use all toes to swing from trees, fueling the speculation that humans evolved from them.

    Number 7 – In ancient times, wisdom teeth came in handy, especially because dental hygiene wasn’t exactly the greatest, causing many to lose important teeth. These days, however, the jaw has gotten smaller, leaving no room for wisdom teeth to grow in. Nowadays the job of them appears to be limited to causing pain and requiring dentist trips for removal.

    Number 6 – We have billions of arrector pili muscles. They are attached to every single hair follicle and are responsible for creating that completely useless hair standing phenomenon known as goose bumps.

    Number 5 – The Adam’s apple is an obvious trait many men possess. Although woman also have one, its far more noticeable in males due to their larger voice boxes. Described as thyroid cartilage, it does nothing, absolutely nothing.

    Number 4 – Men seem to be blessed with non functioning body parts. All males have an undeveloped uterus. It hangs off the male prostate gland, having no job at all.

    Number 3 – Adenoids, situated in human skulls at the back of the nose, trap bacteria, at least at a young age. The problem is that from adolescence into adulthood, they shrink down to nothing, becoming ineffective, begging the question, what is the point in having them?

    Number 2 – Women have the epoophoron, described as a “cluster of blind-ending tubules”. Located near the ovaries, they are basically remnants of the male reproductive system.

    Number 1 - The Plica semilunaris – you might be wondering what that is. Located right in the corner of the eye near the tear duct, it’s actually our third eyelid which does absolutely nothing.