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    Evolution Bicycle Deck by USPCC Playing Cards

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    The year: 2050. The place: Planet Earth. The United States Playing Card Company is still the leading manufacturer of playing cards in our galaxy. Decks are still part of the future.

    Introducing the Bicycle® Evolution: a magical, complex, and intricate deck of cards. The result is nothing short of incredible: Fascinating from every angle, this deck transcends time and space, from the edge of infinity to the depth of the absolute.

    Evolution deck Features:

    56 Sophisticated playing cards from the future
    100% custom art from the faces to the pips
    Foiled tuck box
    Quality, durable, Bicycle® stock
    Printed in deep blue and red metallic inks
    Limited edition - will never be re-printed again
    This is the future of playing cards, where tomorrow is celebrated in the present day.
    Made at The United States Playing Card Company.