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    NUMBER 2# "We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny Contest" ERIC PLOTT

    Eric Plott

    by Eric Plott


    Bro Nate Is A Friend Of Mine, He Opens His Mind With Clever And Witty Satire, Yet Succinct And Precise News Update That Is Accurately Portrayed In A Professional Manner; That Gets Detailed News to Hit Home With The Viewer In A Clear Way.
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    BEATING The NTSA No Intellectual Mercy With This One.
    It Is Time TO GET REAL! Wake Up America!
    I Wanted To Finish This Thought With A Poem

    "Sometimes I Wonder If I am the Only One....
    That Wants To Love the Entire New World,
    That Has Just Begun...

    But This I Find Is Like Loving
    Crack Addicts, Left In The Street,
    Waiting For Their Next Fix Habit.
    Running away; Life In Discrete.

    You Want To Love Them
    And reach Out And Care.
    Maybe Even Give Them A Hug,
    Let them Know That You're There

    Why Then, Do They Not Accept
    Our Honest, Thoughtful, Sincere
    Agape Stares; love beware.

    Instead, They Spit On Your Face
    While You Waited Patiently,
    Push You Away,
    As You Tolerate Disgracingly,

    If You Offer Them A Place
    In Your Humble Abode,
    They Punch Holes In your Home
    Destroying the walls
    Call You Vicious And Vile Names
    Then Ask you For More.
    Are You Done Playing Games?

    Yes, It Is Much like Being Awake
    In These Reeling Times

    Who Am I To Judge Decadence,
    Where Those In Slumber
    Are Committing Crimes
    & Their Last And Only Hope
    Is Believing Lies,

    What A Shame,
    While You Were Searching
    for What's True,
    That You Find It
    While Opening Your Eyes
    This Life Was A Lie
    Surrounded By Truth

    Withered Feelings
    Leaves blown Away
    Fools Fooled Again
    Life Fades Away

    Honesty officially Dies.

    Does Treasures In Heaven
    Become our Gate
    When Satan Steals
    The World Of Fate,

    Sir Angels Await
    Man Stripped away
    The Universe Cries.
    For those losing Lives

    BUT Before They Died
    Accepted The Light
    All Will Be Tried
    To The Choice of Life

    He Makes Way
    For The Chosen Ones
    That Are Finally Safe,
    And Will Never Lose day!

    To Play Evil Games
    We Have Won
    And Thus Never Pay

    Worry Not, For Our Creator Comes

    To Stomp Out The Demons
    And All The Lies
    All Of The Damage
    that He Has Done

    God Calls Real Truth Warriors
    With Valor, Courage, And Limitless Might

    That These Shining Knights
    Shall Be Heavily Armored
    Revered And Remembered
    On Deaths final Fire

    Darkness has a last Ending
    and it starts tonight

    They Will Cheer In Heaven
    Looking for Zion Above
    On The Backs Of Angels
    Building Narrow Golden Bridges
    The Skies of Love;

    They Made The Lasting
    Righteous Attempt,
    To Connect Heaven On earth

    Just In Time
    Before The Birth

    Of New World Order
    Sir Reeling Curse ."

    Surreal - Sir Reel.

    -Ephesians 5:11

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