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    WEB NEWS - Cambodia launches crackdown on opposition

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    In this edition: online reports of the violent crackdown on opposition activists in Cambodia; coping with the severe cold weather in the US; and web users the world over pay tribute to Eusebio.
    As we can see in these images posted to the Facebook page run by Cambodia’s opposition leader Sam Rainsy, hundreds of anti-riot police were deployed to a park in Phnom Penh on Saturday to disperse anti-government demonstrators from where they had been camping for the past month. They were forcefully evicted from the site and this comes after the government’s violent crackdown on a demonstration staged by textile workers on Friday when police opened fire, killing several protesters.
    Protesters who were calling on the government to increase the minimum wage, but as these shots and other videos, posted online by witnesses in the Cambodian capital, illustrate, the rally soon turned into a pitched battle with security forces. Police officers fired live ammunition at garment workers armed with stones and Molotov cocktails, claiming numerous victims…
    NGOs have strongly condemned the violence against protesters and anti-government activists. Organizations like Cambodian Human Rights organization LICADHO and Amnesty International are urging the authorities to refrain from using force and are calling for an immediate investigation into these incidents. 
    Frozen fountains, icy roads and snow that makes its way all the way down to the actual platforms of subway stations… Major snow storms and bitterly cold wind and temperatures hit the North East US on Friday bringing a towns and cities to a standstill.
    Many chose to confront the severe col... Go on reading on our web site.

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