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    Modern ESP by SansMinds - Mentalism magic (Demo 2)

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    by World Of Magic

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    Modern ESP is a modern rendition of the classic esp cards used for Mentalism demonstration. It plays with the idea of everyone's "six sense". Performer displays two sets of cards, 5 blue and 5 red. Each set contains 5 symbols that intuitively means something to everyone.

    Smiley Face: Emotion, a moment of happiness

    Flower: Nature, a sensation of being blessed

    Heart: Relationship, love life

    Wavy Lines: symbol of river, for abstract side of the mind

    House: Home, a sense of security and comfort

    Performer sets five cards all face down, leaving the participant five cards in her own hand to play with. While she knows exactly what her cards are, she has no idea what the face down cards on the table are. The challenge, is to match the design of her face up cards with all the face up cards. After they're done, you flip over each pair to reveal that they match perfectly. It works 100% of the time. and audience will be left wondering how they did it.