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    BRITNEY The Bald Head Diva


    by wildbilltvdotcom

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    Britney's Close Shave Makes Her The "BALD HEAD DIVA": Rap Tells About Britney's Latest Adventure.
    Bald Head Diva
    Looks like your life is on the rocks
    Did your toxic lifestyle partying
    Make you cut off all your locks
    When you Unwed K-Fed You Said
    My heart belongs to MR CLEAN
    So you whacked off all your hair
    And became a Skinhead Queen
    Verse 2:
    Bald Head Diva
    Are you just having some fun?
    Or is your next gig in the convent
    And you're preparing to be a NUN?
    That check in / check out therapy
    Of the swinging door Rehab
    Has us worried that you'll end up
    Next to Anna on a slab
    Verse 3:
    Bald Head Diva
    Better keep your Britches on
    You've got millions of fans out here who love you
    And YOU are not alone
    You've been from "Mouse-Ka-Teer" to K-Fed
    With 2 kids....It's time to chill
    Bald Head Diva
    It's time to call DR. PHIL
    Verse 4:
    Like that Long Train Running
    You'd better get back on the track
    Or You're gonna lose your home and family
    And you won't be comin' back
    Sand & Palms Publishing, BMI 2007