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About 50,000 Migrants Died Crossing the US-Mexico Border Since 2007

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Citizens from countries to the south that are attempting to cross the border into the United States from Mexico face many obstacles.

Citizens from Central and South American countries that attempt to cross the border into the United States through Mexico face many obstacles.

According to one statistic from the Institute for Women in Migration in Mexico, over 47 thousand migrants lost their lives since 2007 crossing through Mexico.

Mexican churches and other organizations have set up shelters along migrant routes to provide safety and food.

But the number of people who have died is still believed to be underestimated because many migrants travel illegally, and many never make it to the border itself.

Another statistic from the National Foundation for American Policy says that 23 hundred people have died while crossing the US-Mexico border over the past six years.

Mexico has an extremely high murder rate with around 30 thousand people murdered last year, which is about twice the number of murders that took place in China or the US during that time.

The killings have been mostly blamed on the violent drug cartels that have also been known to traffick, kidnap, or forcibly employ migrants who are trying to make the journey to the US.