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    Jay Mohr And Alyssa Milano's Twitter Battle Ends With An Apology?


    by IBTimes


    Comedian Jay Mohr made some cruel jokes about Alyssa Milano’s weight, and the 41 year old mother fought back with class and dignity. Now, Mohr took to social media to give a half winded apology about his remarks, but did he go too far?

    Milano now joins other celebrities like Kim Kardashian who have been bullied in the press and by people in social media for their weight post baby. But how much sympathy can we give to these celebrities, when they know that with fame and fortune comes some negativity?

    Or have we as a society allowed us to become social media bullies- when is it ok to judge someone by their appearance and their body? The issue seems to be growing, as more and more we see celebrities being put under a more intense spotlight, as the power of social media grows.