Eagles - Hotel California

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"Hotel California" was the title song from the Eagles' album of the same name, and was released as a single in early 1977. It is one of the best-known songs of the Album Oriented Rock era.

The lyrics of the song describe the title establishment, a hotel where "you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave".

On the surface, the song is a tale of a weary traveler who becomes trapped in a nightmarish hotel that at first appeared tempting; as a metaphor the song may be commenting on drug addiction or simply the decadent lifestyle the hugely successful band had been caught up in.

Another theory is that the song is about a mental hospital or a federal prison. The expression "check out" is also considered a metaphor for dying.


Best song ever!
By Will Steele last year
Randy Meisner didn't want to go on stage...Joe Walsh and Don Felder walk away to do a couple lines....Don Felder tells Joe during the solo, "your showing"
By Zachary MacKinnon 2 years ago
This is The FULL Hotel California video(Don Felder's Book, he tells the details) How can I download it to enjoy it on my computer???
By Zachary MacKinnon 2 years ago
Un titre éternel du rock !!!
pour ceux que ça intéresse, voici mon petit cover :
By idiosyncratique 3 years ago
oh....and they leave their clothes on!!!
By tomlubbach 3 years ago