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    Top 10 Amazing Facts About the Human Eye

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    Here are 10 amazing facts about our eyes.

    The human eye is the second most complex and powerful body part next to the brain. Here are 10 amazing facts about our eyes:

    Number 10 – Eyes begin developing their more than 2 million working parts a mere 2 weeks after conception.

    Number 9 – They stay the same size from birth while the ears and nose continue to grow throughout life.

    Number 8 – Though brown eyes with more pigment in the iris are most common, blue-eyed people have a common ancestor.

    Number 7 – The eye’s transparent cornea allowing light to enter the eye is the only body tissue without blood vessels.

    Number 6 – Along with superior protection, the eyes can clear out foreign material and heal scratches often within 48 hours.

    Number 5 – The eye blinks anywhere from 2 to 50 times per minute, which averages out to more than 4 million times per year.

    Number 4 – Eye scans are increasingly used for security because the iris has 256 unique attributes while fingerprints only have 40.

    Number 3 – Despite the saying “rest my eyes,” eyes are the only body parts that don’t need any rest; it’s actually the eyelid muscles that need breaks.

    Number 2 – Not only is the eye muscle the body’s fastest and most active, but it’s 100 times stronger than it needs to be for its function.

    Number 1 – Seeing only in red, blue, and green, the eye can identify more than 10 million color combinations, including 500 gray shades.