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    Home Depot Reinvents the Bucket

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Home Depot has developed a user-friendly – and patented – bucket.

    Taking a page out of Apple’s product design methodology, Home Depot has developed a user-friendly – and patented – bucket.

    Called the Big Gripper, the 8-dollar container features an ergonomic handle and recessed grip area, allowing for greater emptying ease.

    The introduction of the humble and utilitarian item is seen as a sign that Home Depot is looking to change the way they do business.

    When it was created, the warehouse store specialized in offering a huge variety of hard-to-find items like certain lumbers and exotic tools.

    After being taken over in 2000 by a CEO that placed cost reduction above all, much of the unique offerings gave way to mass merchandise with lower inventory expenses.

    That approach served the company for a while, but when Amazon and their low-priced coveted brands entered the retail picture, the Depot took a hit.

    To gain an edge over the competition, the company turned to Apple for inspiration and has begun making exclusive and improved versions of poorly designed products.

    They’re also keeping an eye on socially conscious production by keeping the manufacture of the Big Gripper entirely in the US.