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    Dog Rescued After Being Abandoned in Crate on Snowy Road

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    A Yorkshire terrier was left abandoned on the side of an intersection in Kent, New York. He had been placed inside a metal crate which had been dropped on snowy ground, but thankfully a passerby saw the canine and contacted police.

    All unwanted dogs should have a fair shot at finding a deserving home. One canine in Kent, New York wasn't given that chance by a previous owner.

    Instead, the Yorkshire terrier was left abandoned on the side of an intersection. The male dog wasn’t left free to roam either – he was confined inside a black crate.

    Adding to the atrociousness of the situation, the metal cage had been placed on snowy ground and the outdoor temperatures were freezing. Fortunately for the dog, a passing motorist saw him and contacted authorities.

    An animal control officer then rushed to the scene to pick him up. The Putnam County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or SPCA for short, has released photos of the pooch and pleaded for information to find the original owner or witnesses who may have seen the animal being left on the property.

    The un-neutered dog is anywhere from 4 to 6 years of age. He had been dropped at the intersection between White Pond and Farmers Mills roads. The agency hopes to press charges for the act.