Classic Game Room - METROID review for NES

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Metroid review for NES.
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Classic Game Room reviews METROID for the Nintendo Entertainment System from 1986! Classic NES sci-fi platformer that set the standard for side scrolling RPG adventure games in the '80s. Nintendo's enigmatic hero, Samus Aran, shoots aliens and explores caverns in this enthralling adventure that packs a super duper surprise ending!!


I love this game.

I had 2 NES games growing up... this and Rygar. They both are still some of my favorite games.
By KingDavid73 last year
You are outgunned... and a girl! Spoiler alert!
By Cjones last year
8:17 Actually, Ms. Pac-Man is just Pac-Man with a bow! :D
By LaVey Charkus Veros last year
To anyone who is interested in this game, I strongly recommend its remake on GBA called 'Metroid: Zero Mission', it's the exact same map and layout (with very few modifications, an extra area) with upgraded graphics and music, as well as gameplay more reminiscent of Super Metroid. But most importantly, it has an in-game map system and save stations. It's a far more enjoyable version of the NES classic. I cannot recommend Zero Mission enough.
By QuartrezRetroGaming last year
Way to start off the new year!
By Ben Winters last year
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