New US sanctions & Geneva deal

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by PressTV

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Less than two weeks after the historical Geneva agreement, the United States added 18 individuals and companies from Iran and elsewhere, to its list of those to be effected by sanctions.

Washington’s conduct got mixed reactions. When the news hit, people were left wondering if the Geneva agreement would now be rendered meaningless.

Some newspapers ranted over what they called Washington’s duplicity, and others just stuck to reporting the event. On the 12th of December 2013, after extensive investigations, the US singled out 4 individuals 11 companies and 3 oil tankers that it said had evaded the sanctions against Iran, and added them to the sanctions list. They are accused of working with Iran’s oil, nuclear and aviation industries.

Earlier on the 24th of November, Iran and the P5+1 agreed that no new sanctions would be imposed on Iran over the next six months, and both sides would work towards lifting the existing ones.

Only a week later 26 US senators led by Robert Menendez, prepared a bill via which even more stringent sanctions would be imposed on Iran’s economy, if the talks were unsuccessful.

In this edition of the show we look at Tehran’s nuclear energy program and the recent round of nuclear talks in Geneva, and the effect Washington’s recent conduct will have on them.