Malnourished Bear Cub Found Living With Hens

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In one rare case, a bear cub was found residing with chickens.

In one rare case, a bear cub was found residing with chickens. Workers at a wildlife facility in Smithers, B.C received a tip about the male cub and went to investigate.

They arrived on a farm in the West Kootenay area and shockingly discovered the small, malnourshed bear living inside a chicken coup. The cub wasn’t aggressive in the least, instead he seemed to enjoy being around the company of the hens.

A spokesperson for The Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter stated “I’ve been doing this for 23 years, and we’ve never got a call like that,. They said the cub had been in the coop with the chickens for five days, and they weren’t doing anything to each other.”

The bear, now named Tinsel was removed from the coop and taken to the shelter on Christmas eve. He only weighed a little over 20 pounds upon arrival, but given his age, Tinsel should have been about 65 pounds.

Authorities at the facility think something may have happened to Tinsel’s mother, leaving him alone to fend for himself for two to three months. For now, Tinsel will regain his health at the shelter.