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    2-Headed Baby Gecko Found in Thailand

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    Two brothers along with a friend discovered a two-headed gecko in their shared home.

    Finding a reptile creeping across your house normally wouldn’t be a spectacular event, but that isn’t the case for three men in Phuket. The two brothers along with a friend discovered a two headed gecko in their shared home.

    Adding to the unique and exceptionally rare form of the creature, it also has six legs. One of the males spoke to a local news outlet about the gecko stating “When my brother found it…. one of its heads was still covered with eggshell. It’s very small – about the length of a baby’s finger – and it was very weak.”

    The guys have since taken it in as a house pet. They are keeping it in a sugar laden plastic bowl and feeding it ants and small insects. The men claim the baby gecko is looking far healthier than it did when it was found wandering in the house only a few days before Christmas.

    According to a biology professor and gecko specialist, typical house geckos live for about a year, but due to this particular one’s deformity, the life span could be less.