Littlest Pet Shop S02E07 What, Meme Worry?

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While having his nails clipped, Sunil becomes famous after a picture of him worrying is uploaded to the internet as a meme. Everyone at the shop must learn to deal with Sunil's new popularity, for better or for worse.


When Pepper said, " Nooooooooo " In the last nail clipping day tape, Tabitha made the Nightmare Moon voice come out of her mouth! Listen carefully!

P.S This is my fave episode! Sunil is BEST pet!
By Enthusiastic Lyra 22 hours ago
12:02 - 12:18 xD BUTLER REACTION HA HA! *falls to ground*
By LilyfloXx August
But really who would love the bisket's song? It was good but the words! They really need to work on their songs. And Zoe finally got famous.
By VideoMaker5000 August
Zoe is acting stupid and crazy
By Satish Koreemun July
i like the biscuits song to ms.twombly!
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