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    70 Swimmers Bitten by Piranha-Like Fish in Argentina

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    In Argentina, swimmers enjoying their day out on Christmas encountered piranha-like fish in a nightmare worthy incident.

    In Argentina, swimmers enjoying the water on Christmas day experienced a nightmare worthy incident. Dozens of bathers escaping the heat wave in the Parana River near Rosario were left injured after a piranha-like fish attack at a beach area.

    According to a lifeguard who was at the scene, the fish were a relative of piranhas, with exceptionally sharp teeth. Roughly 70 people, both adults and children required medical attention after the fish began biting. A seven-year-old child had a portion of her finger amputated.

    Many others were severely bitten on their extremities as well along with their ankles. In other cases, portions of flesh were ripped right off of the swimmers.

    Rosario’s director of emergency services sated “This is not normal. It's normal for there to be an isolated bite or injury, but the magnitude in this case was great … this is an exceptional event."

    It is currently believed debris left behind by fisherman attracted the aggressive fish to the beach. Despite the horrific occurrence police had to force swimmers from the river, and just half an hour after the incident returned to the water to seek relief from the brutally hot temperatures.