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Top 5 NASA Images of 2013

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Geo Beats

Check out 5 of the most stunning images taken by NASA satellites in 2013.

NASA has captured some stunning visuals over the years. Check out 5 of the most remarkable images taken by NASA satellites in 2013 according to

Number 5 – In Mid-May, astronauts on the International Space Station snapped a jaw-dropping photo of the Pavlof volcano in the Aleutian arc. What makes the image so incredible is the fact that the volcano is erupting, showcasing the plume trailing over the Pacific Ocean.

Number 4 – In April, the Landsat 8 satellite was responsible for catching the water, landscape and vibrant tranquility of Princess Charlotte Bay in Australia.

Number 3 – Another one of Landsat 8’s gems was taken in September featuring a mosaic like image of the green and brown farms of eastern Kazakhstan.

Number 2 – In January of 2013, one of Japan's most active volcanoes, Sakurajima was captured in eruption mode, highlighting the plume barreling upwards and over the surrounding sea. The image was taken by an astronaut on the ISS.

Number 1 – The Canary Islands were featured in this image take in June. The photo, snapped by NASA's Terra satellite, caught the reflection of the sunlight bouncing off the water.