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    Flying Yacht Concept Has the Industry Buzzing

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    by Geo Beats

    Designed by Yelken Octuri, this flying yacht has four mobile masts which lower once the yacht’s sails are retracted into a storage compartment.

    What's your idea of a perfect yacht?

    A remarkable boat concept combines both sea and air travel.

    Designed by Yelken Octuri, it has four mobile masts which house the yacht’s sails and can be oriented to take advantage of the wind conditions. Once the masts are lowered to a horizontal position, the sails can be retracted into storage compartments, transforming the yacht into a seaplane.

    Although the uber extravagant seaplane is what many dreams are made of, it isn’t commercially available. Octuri noted “It was designed for the princes Aziz, Dawood & Hashim, corporate executives of the "Masqat Airways" air transport company, and allows them to enjoy sailing along the Omani coastline with its 600-km range in the plane version.”

    Four dual propellers "Nissen & Brasseur" power head engines are responsible for propulsion when the yacht morphs into plane mode. Measuring about 150 feet long, it features two main decks, housing the living area including the kitchen, toilet, storage, main room and bedrooms.

    There are also two half decks, one of which houses the cockpit.