Ville Valo Radio-Interview Part2


von pupsi

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2 Kommentare

You' re right. His voice soundes better in the past. I wasn't on one of the last tour concerts. So I don't know how he sounded life.
But the songs on the last album were not as melodic as the past albums. So maybe it has something to do with this, too. I think they cut that down for the Americans (don't know).
And yes - he is looking very very good here.
Von pupsi Vor 8 Jahren
Thanx for posting this interview. Ville was incredibly handsome there !
And he's a liar too... He says he would stop smoking cigarettes if it hurts his musicality, it already did, but he still smokes !
His voice is worst now than it used to be... When he was younger, his voice was AMAZING ! what do you think ?
Von bloody_kiss Vor 8 Jahren