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    Space Station Research - Top Ten Results (Part 1)


    by Michael500ca

    NASA has been observing the 15th Anniversary of the launch of the first few modules of the International Space Station back in November of 1998. In this coming February, we'll mark the 13th Anniversary of the arrival of the U.S. Laboratory Destiny to the International Space Station on a space shuttle mission during Expedition One. Science research has been going on on board the space station throughout the assembly process, but now that the assembly is essentially complete the science activity both inside and outside the space station is taking the primary focus of the activity on orbit. A few months ago, the International Astronautical Federation asked International Space Station Chief Scientist, Julie Robinson, to share the top 10 research results from the station at the International Astronautical Congress in Beijing, and she joins Pat Ryan of NASA Public Affairs to talk about some of those. Read Dr. Robinson's Blog, A Lab Aloft: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: See the International Space Station as it orbits above your location: To follow the mission, watch Space Station Live weekdays on NASA Television and get weekly updates every Friday on Space to Ground at To learn more about the station, visit

    Credit: NASA