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    Artist Creates Nature X-Ray Art Featuring Dead Animals

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    Artist uses x-ray imagery on bioramas derived from plant life.

    Art comes in a variety of forms and talented artists have a knack to see things in a unique way.

    One male artists focuses on x-ray images of nature.

    Arie van 't Riet uses x-ray imagery on bioramas derived from plant life. But surprisingly, it not the beautiful flowers generating the most attention from viewers.

    Riet adds dead animals in the x-ray photographs to add a sense of livelihood and gain more interest. In the images, it’s impossible to tell that the creatures are deceased.

    Riet, who not only specializes in x-ray art, is also a registered medical physicist. Riet described his passion and ultimate goal stating “I prefer to X-ray objects of ordinary scenes like a butterfly nearby a flower, a fish in the ocean, a mouse in the field.... Each time it is challenging me to arrive at an X-ray photograph that represents the sentiment of the scene, to raise questions and excite curiosity.”

    His interest in the art piqued when a co-worker asked him to take an x-ray of painting. From there, he began experimenting with nature, specifically flowers, later learning to add hints of color to the black and white images digitally.