Himitsu no Hanazono - 06 Part 2/3


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第 6 話: ついにその正体が! 花園ゆり子サイン会で大ピンチ! - Finally in real person! Hanazono Yuriko autograph session in big trouble
Thankz to D-Addict & dancestar24
Next airdate: 20-02-07

PS: dancestar24 has been really busy with her study that the reason for the delay. i wish her good luck and the best and await her subs patiently and hope that you all understand that aswell.

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you, my good sir, are? a champ ..i feel lonely though.. ?!
ユーザー名 indiangirl4u 3 年前
Can you say fukushuu? ;D

What's going on from 0:40-0:47 in the background?

Wonder if Tanaka really went into that table, or if they managed to find a very similar looking stunt double.

3:00-3:32 = priceless.
ユーザー名 Vanguardia 7 年前
She looks so stiff XD " Ohohohoho~~" this cracks me up XDD
ユーザー名 kurenaisama 7 年前
oh yeh..tsukiyama is being crazy wa~~~~
ユーザー名 Sara Jane Piacedad 7 年前
is it an encylopedia?
ユーザー名 Simone 7 年前