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    รอยรัก แรงแค้น ตอนที่ 3-1/2 24-12-56


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    รอยรัก แรงแค้น Romantic Red Rouge 2008 [16 ตอนจบ จำนวนตอนนับตามที่ช่อง 3 ออกอากาศในแต่ละวัน = 1 ตอน] ออกอากาศสด ทุกวัน ทางช่อง 3 เวลาประมาณ 02.15 - 03.30 น. เริ่มตอนแรก วันอาทิตย์ที่ 22 ธ.ค. 2556

    After her father's family business goes under, Wen Yuhe (Fan Bingbing) is unwillingly married off into the wealthy Gu family. She tries to escape on her wedding night, but her plans are foiled by steward Yunkai. Thus begins Yuhe's life married to a meek husband in the harrowing Gu household, as well as her confused relationship with Yunkai who has reasons of his own for serving the Gu family. Yunkai is searching for his lover Yiling who seems to have disappeared from existence since entering the Gu manor, widowed before her wedding. The mysterious Gu manor holds many strange characters and unspoken secrets, people living in the shadows. Tears and trials await Yuhe as relationships, identities, and motives are slowly revealed.