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This is the Marché de L'Olive(s) (?) near Porte de La Chapelle in a Northern part of Paris. It's open every morning. My Parisian husband found it a bit pricey but we both felt the variety and quality were great, inside and out. They have a large amount of prepared food for sale so if you're visiting the city, you can make a nice picnic from here.

It's named for Olive Street and is near Rose Street.

One of the deepest and oldest wells in Paris is here and residents have the right to its water in perpetuity.

As there are many Indian, African and Asian stores nearby, I'd been there for that but my spouse wanted grapes, and maybe some meat.

Yes, there are cheaper markets -- I live in Saint-Denis, which has excellent prices and is one of the largest markets in Europe, and in Stains, near me, it's even CHEAPER.

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