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    Christian minorities exist in many parts of world. Many suffer discrimination, or are even the target of outright violence. Frequently, the states in question simply ignore the problem, or actively support the marginalization of Christians.
    Christians often face particular difficulties in predominantly Muslim countries when it comes to practicing their faith openly. Sometimes, it means risking their lives, as the recent deadly attacks in Egypt show.
    In northern Nigeria, thousands of people from Christian communities have been killed in attacks launched by the Islamist sect Boko Haram.
    In India, radical Hindus have also targeted Christians. And in China, millions worship in underground Christian churches because they refuse to attend the state-sanctioned church.
    More and more Christians are fleeing their homes in the wake of the upheavals taking place in the Arab world and as a result of the intensifying religious conflicts in the Middle East and parts of Africa. How can Christian minorities across the world be better protected?
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