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    25 Beautiful Sinatra's Romantic songs volume 1


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    25 Beautiful Sinatra's Romantic songs volume 1

    1-My Funny Valentine 00:00
    2-I've Got You Under My Skin 2:30
    3-Come Fly With Me 6:12
    4-The Way You Look Tonight 9:29
    5-New York, New York 12:06
    6-Close to You 16:12
    7-Falling in Love With Love 19:46
    8-I Fall in Love With You Every Day 22:23
    9-You Make Me Feel So Young 24:07
    10-Too Romantic 27:01
    11-My One And Only Love 30:09
    12-Yours Is My Heart Alone 33:19
    13-How Do You Do Without Me 36:11
    14From The Bottom Of My Heart 39:22
    15-Be Careful, It's My Heart 42:35
    16-My Love Is for You 45:23
    17-Moon Love 47:56
    18-We'll Be Together Again 50:55
    19-I Dream of You (More Then You Dream of Me) 55:18
    20-That's How Much I Love You 58:24
    21-I Love You 1:01:33
    22-It's Only a Paper Moon 1:04:14
    23-You Are Too Beautiful 1:06:09
    24-At Long Last Love 1:09:09
    25-You Brought a New Kind of Love To Me 1:11:31

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