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    Red by Craig Petty and World Magic Shop - Card Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    They think of a card. You have one RED card in the deck. They turn it over and it's theirs.

    New from the creator of 'CHOP'. Craig Petty presents RED.

    They shuffle the cards and then fan them towards themselves.
    They think of one card. They never tell you and never write it down. They only think of it.
    They shuffle the cards.
    When you go through the deck and remove the RED card, it's theirs.
    You're probably not reading this, are you? Just stick the trailer on!

    No instant stooging
    They NEVER tell you the card
    You don't know their card until the RED card is turned over
    No memory work
    No marked cards
    Resets immediately
    Ingeniously gimmicked deck supplied
    DVD explanation with one bonus routine