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    Taismo - Beauty and the Beast


    by Heather

    3 080 views
    My first Sonic music Video with real episode clips! I finally found them, and not only is this my first Sonic ep MV but it's also my first Taismo video and I love how it came out ^^
    I tryed to show how Tails and Cosmo's relationship grew through their time together and their love formed. I got the idea after thinking about that one planet they went to with all the fortune tellers and all. "Plants and animals don't usually get along." It all just clicked, so this song fit. ^^

    Song: "Beauty and the Beast" by Jump 5

    I also want to thank Starryheavens for the insparation! She makes such awesome videos it kind of made me want to give them a shot ^^ So, thanks Starry!