Classic Game Room - 100 YEN: THE JAPANESE ARCADE EXPERIENCE review for DVD

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100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience review.
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Classic Game Room reviews 100 YEN: THE JAPANESE ARCADE EXPERIENCE on DVD, a movie about the popularity of Japanese arcades and the glory of the arcade experience. Explore Japanese arcades and learn about shooters (SHMUPS), music games and fighting games. Can arcades regain their former glory in the West? Perhaps if they follow the examples of popular Japanese arcades.


We just got a new arcade open local to us and it has a bunch of classic games like Pac-Mania and Gauntlet as well as some Cave shooters and unusual games on cool Japanese candy cabs. We spent new years eve in there and intend to visit as often as we can. We love arcades :)
By Lucky Hit last year
I built my own arcade cabinet with a PC inside that's emulating arcade games. Sadly the heavier 3D games are not well emulated but many of them works cool. I use the MAME with a lot of game roms. I have arcade joysticks, buttons, coin validators for 2 players and a custom made marquee. It was a lot of fun to design and build the cabinet.
By Squall85 last year