Mourinho slams Arsenal foreign players

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Jose Mourinho blasted Arsenal's foreign players and suggested that they overreact to tackles after Mikel Arteta was brought down by John Obi Mikel

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Stop it MOARNER MOURINHO. To actually have a dig at other clubs Foreign Imports, you should start by talking about players from your own team and the manager plus the owner. How MANY ENGLISH BORN PLAYERS TOOK THE FIELD AT THE EMIRATES? The answer to this is 3, same as the GUNNERS fielded.

As for an incident regarding the scuffle at the Emirates, your player could have caused serious facial injuries while going in for a Tackle- which warranted at the least a yellow card. The Arsenal player had the right to express his feelings. Granted, on the night none of the players on the field suffered carrier threatening injuries. We should never be seen as in any event to talk down on Malicious Tackle. Of course, no one, yes, no one will take the blame and will never admit to actually deliberate tackle.

As a coach or manager, all players should be seen as FOOTBALLERS full stop.Comments which may be interpreted as Provocative, Showing Discrimination or even in a small bringing the Game in disrepute.

As for the 50/50 case for a penalty, I have seen lots given for even less. Any manager should be constructive in their after match comments. What needs to be avoided is PERSONAL ATTACKS BE IT OF PLAYERS, MANAGERS,etcetcetcetc.

I have tried to be fair in my comment and apologise if anyone feels offended. Mr.Mourinho, just like Mr.Wenger, you are both winners and please try to always be WINNERS. TROPHIES are good. But the RELATIONSHIPS between all involved in Football or any other sports with the public at large will always need to be given TOP PRIORITY and we should reserve any criticism to be dealt with between players or managers in house.
By shazans last year