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    Holiday Gift Guide: Air Hogs Helix X4


    by IBTimes

    Round two of the IB Times TV holiday product reviews highlights the Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt, a remote-controlled quadcopter.

    The Helix X4 stunt sits squarely between toy and entry-level hobby - at $79.99, it’s more expensive than most of the small RC helicopters you’ll find at big box toy stores, but also ~$50 cheaper than a decent hobby setup.

    You’ll get a pretty durable, light hovering machine that takes off, spins, banks, and lands - but not precisely. The plastic and styrofoam body keeps the Helix from bursting into 20 pieces the first time it’s introduced to the floor, which means your son/daughter will actually get a chance to learn how to use it. The provided controller is clunky and the inputs aren’t super-quick, but like the Helix itself, the controller probably won’t break after it hits the ground.

    Flight time is limited to about ten minutes per charge - plenty of time to harass the cat - and a full charge on the lithium polymer battery pack costs you 20-30 minutes.

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