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    China Mobile Gets The iPhone 5, iOS7 is Jailbroken


    by IBTimes

    Welcome to 60 Sec Tech - one minute of what you need to know in technology.

    It’s official - China Mobile will sell and support the iPhone 5. This move opens up a market of 700+ million customers for Apple in China. China Mobile will launch its 4G network in conjunction with the iPhone 5.

    iOS 7 has also finally been properly jailbroken - well, mostly. Evasion has released its first complete jailbreak download for the new Apple devices, but like any first run, it’s not perfect. And, like any jailbreak, it’s not sanctioned by Apple. Users are cautioned to back their phones up, in case something goes wrong during installation.

    Moving away from high-end phones: Miami-based company BLU has just released their best smartphone - the Life Pure. It’s aimed squarely at the budget / no contract market, but has a much better screen and camera set than you’ll find on other budget phones like the Moto G. At $349 unlocked though, it’s double the price of the Moto G, and it still can’t run on 4G networks.

    And that wraps it up. Join us next time for another 60 sec Tech.